Striped vs. Crested School Tie

From colour choice to fabric, there are plenty of things you need to consider when choosing school ties. When you get to the design stage, one of the more important decisions is whether to opt for stripes or a crest. There are clear advantages to either option, and you could even benefit from adopting both across different ties.

Read through the benefits of each option to see which one speaks loudest.

The Benefits of Stripes

Stripes are generally a little more convenient. They hide stains and wrinkles more effectively, which is going to be a clear advantage when dealing with younger children and rambunctious teenagers. They’re also a better way to display all your school colours. For most schools, it’s colours rather than just one colour, and it can look a little busy to represent multiple colours on a crested tie. Additionally, people will generally be more familiar with your colours than with your crest, so local residents will be able to better recognise your students. Finally, stripes tend to be cheaper to weave into fabric than crests, and it’s not such a big deal if the colours fade a little over years of use.

The Benefits of a Crest

A crest is more visually impressive than stripes because such a design incorporates finer detailing. That tends to make crested ties a little more expensive, but you do end up with a more luxurious product, and that’s going to reflect well on your school.

The Benefits of Both

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t choose both. That doesn’t mean using both stripes and a crest on a single tie – instead, you can reserve different styles for different students. Try providing the majority of your students with the standard striped tie, reserving the more upscale and professional crested tie for your prefects or upper-year students.

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