Start Sculpturing your Summer Body Now!

January has just arrived and we still feel like summer is so far away. However, time is quite deceptive and it can fly by quickly. So, this time of the year is perfect for you to start sculpturing your summer body, as when June comes, it’ll be too late to lose the weight you’ve gained, and you’ll end up feeling too embarrassed to get into your two-piece bikini. Here is a list of useful advice which will help you create your own winter exercise routine.

Motivate yourself

The first step on a journey towards a perfectly sculptured body is motivating oneself to exercise. We’re aware that this may not be such an easy job during cold winter months, as we are in some kind of hibernation mode – happiest in our beds. However, one of the ways you can easily motivate yourself to go out into the cold is by warming up inside your home. This way, you will put yourself in the mood and forget about the bad weather. Constantly reminding yourself of your summer body goal is another good strategy. Every time you feel too lazy to get up and go out for a run, just remind yourself all this hard work will pay off once the summer comes.

Dress properly when exercising outdoors

Outdoor winter activities, be that walking or running, require proper clothes. The first rule is that you should put on several layers and wear a cap. Additionally, you can buy a pair of thermal socks and make sure your sneakers are thick enough. Aside from keeping yourself warm, make sure to stay visible on the road and the best way to achieve this is by wearing bright and colourful pieces of clothing.

Find alternatives for outside training

If you are not that much into winter running, don’t worry, there is a bunch of other activities which can help you stay fit. For example, you can try skiing or snowboarding. These activities provide you with a good cardiovascular workout and you’ll burn many calories while having a lot of fun. Ice skating, as well, can be an exciting winter activity, which can be compared to a low-impact aerobic exercise.

Go to the gym

Gym is the perfect place to exercise in the winter, but make sure you buy appropriate clothes. You can opt for an amazing ladies gym wear which is both comfortable and fashionable, so you feel and look good while exercising. When it comes to types of exercises, you can combine various ones in order to activate all your body parts. For runners – treadmill is their track during winter months.

Adjust your diet

Winter is the time of the year when our body craves more carbs, as our serotonin levels are lower due to the lack of sunshine. This leads to more calories being consumed and weight being gained quicker. So, it’s of utmost importance that you bring some changes into your diet. For example, you can try to eat more protein, dairy products and vegetables. If you still feel like you need carbs to put you in good mood, eat low-fat healthy ones which can be found in sweet potatoes, oatmeal, etc. Of course, from time to time, you can take a break and treat yourself with a low-fat carb snack, such as popcorn, but be careful not to turn this treat into a habit.

As you can see, sculpturing your perfect summer body takes time. So, get out and start exercising right now!

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