From memes about “taking girls to the pool on a first date so you see what they’re like without make-up” to snarky comments calling people “fake” for liking to wear a lot of it, the issues and arguments around make-up are often less based on personal preference and style and more on female empowerment and categorizing women based on how they choose to do their face. It’s always seemed to me that people do not wear make-up for other people – groundbreaking, I know – they wear it for themselves.

I am very much into makeup. It fills the gap surrounding beauty. In fact, women have been using cosmetics for thousands of years, and there are many reasons why.

Every time I put on my red lipstick, I feel good. And when I feel good, I look good too. This can be attested by the constant feedback and compliments I receive from my friends. Having makeup applied to my face boosts my confidence and makes me more gorgeous.

Makeup is not just for making women look more beautiful. It also helps protect skin from harmful rays of the sun and further skin damage. If you live in a big, busy city, putting foundation or tinted moisturizer on your face provides protection against pollution and skin irritants thus preventing skin aging. You can look good and have a healthy perfect and flawless skin at the same time.

Work may require a subtle look, but when it comes to your free time you can really have fun with makeup. Try a gothic or sophisticated look, or even go wild for a themed party. Anything’s possible! It’s time to try new colors and new styles and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new look? I personally love going through the looks in the magazines and then trying to copy one that I like the most. Sometimes it’s quite challenging, but it’s also fun! And while trying different makeup styles you also perfect your skills of applying makeup which is great for your every day life!

Overall, I like makeup because I feel it’s the best way to express yourself. There are so many different moods and styles that the artistry is endless. It’s not just art. It can change your confidence level from a six to a 10. It’s enhancing your own beauty to feel your best.