According to the Bible, when Adam and Eve sinned and thrown out of the Garden of Eden, they were wearing leaves to cover their private parts. This proves that since the beginning, fashion already exists. It has been a daily part of our lives. It even is part of our primary needs – clothing.

Throughout mankind’s history, fashion statements have evolved and it became a symbolism of social status, pride, culture, race and career. Regardless, we can all agree that the fashion industry has grown to become very popular and influential. It seems as if everyone is trying to pursue a career in this field. The world is huge, filled with diversity and culture. Fashion is like one language that everyone can understand. It connects people internationally because fashion travels from city to the next.

For me, fashion is like science. It’s big, complicated and can be experimented. It is a subject that is very interesting for me and I talk about it with passion. Many designers are able to create new designs for those people who have a love for fashion. It is an enjoyment they feel when seeing a new trend get started because fashion is unpredictable. It is always a refreshing to see a new and creative designer come into the spotlight. Fashion is a very competitive industry and at times trends are duplicated. So it is nice to see an up and coming designer bring something new and different to the table.

What I also like about Fashion is that it is one of the ultimate way to express yourself. One of the first impression people have of you is from your appearance. But one of the great aspects of fashion is that you are free to be whoever you want to be with your choice of fashion. With fashion you have that ability to mix and match wardrobes according to your mood, attitude and feeling.

Fashion is endless. Trends comes from ideas, designers and the streets, there is always some new trend in development that can potentially become a classic like the little black dress. People stays stylish and fashionable to attract the opposite sex to get noticed by someone they like. With the help of fashion you can look the part and get acknowledged.

Overall, I feel like I have been married to fashion. It’s what I breathe. It’s what wakes me up in the morning. It gives me my direction in life. This is why I love fashion.