Estate Agents’ Fashion: How to Dress for Success

Most of the times we believe that we are deeper than our appearances thus we do not put in much effort in our dressing. But if you are an estate agent and most of the deals you close deals face to face, then you need to dress for success.

This is backed by studies that have shown that dressing the part has a direct influence on not just your success but also your income. Simply put, just like a curb appeal is important, first impressions of the estate agent play a very crucial role in your success.

Generally, an ideal estate agent needs to be well groomed and presentable. Remember, your overall look will give the client the impression that you are not only organized but also efficient and conscientious. Here are some reasons why you must always dress for success:

  • Dressing appropriately creates a personal brand – Dressing up in a suit that is neatly pressed with a pair of polished shoes and a clean haircut may be the different between being a successful estate agent and closing shop.

By dressing up, you are able to create and build a personal brand that is quite important for your general success in this field. Once you present yourself as a reliable brand, you can be sure to have clients knocking at your door because they are certain that you are the right person to do business with.

  • Image is everything – By dressing for success, you can be sure to create an image for business. Thus, forget about showing up in cheap looking suits that you have worn time and again without being laundered. Remember, if you do not take a trip to the barbers and your hair is unkempt, you may send wrong signals to the client that you are disorganized, lazy, lacking in pride and a positive attitude, which is what most home buyers and owners are looking for. Clean shaven,washed and showered gives the right impression from the word go.
  • Your overall look will make you look trustworthy – As an estate agent, gaining the trust of your client is important to your success. When you are smartly dressed, you will appear to be trustworthy, respectable and someone you definitely want to do business with. Therefore, you must take caution when selecting your suits so that you are not caught up in stereotypical viewpoints.

Generally, you also need to be aware of certain issues surrounding your work as they also determine the way you dress. For example, it would be ridiculous if you dressed up in winter attire during summer. Here are some general tips to help you make the right wardrobe pick that will guarantee you success in your business:

Get the right shoes – One of the wardrobe investments that you must consider seriously is your choice of shoes. You need to have the right shoes to wear to a client meeting, a networking cocktail or for viewings. Ultimately, no matter the kind of shoes you are settling for, comfort is paramount.

Know your client – It is important that you understand the kind of client you are dealing with. For instance young professionals may be attracted by a creative style that included colored cardigans, a tailored blazer and a nice fitting shirt instead of a suit. You may even throw in some jewelry. On the other hand, the old folk will prefer that you dress up in a business suite.

Keep in mind the climate – You must dress for style and comfort no matter the season. Ensure that you tailor your wardrobe to accommodate all the seasons so that you are set at all times.

Accessorize – This is particularly important for women. The introduction of strategically chosen accessories will sure transform your look.

At Ready Steady Sell, we believe that dressing for success is more than just your physical appearance. You need to crown it with appropriate business etiquette that includes arriving on time for meetings. You can be sure your appearance will be meaningless if cannot keep time, respond to clients’ concerns on time and ensure you are punctual in your grammar as all this comprised your personal brand.

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