Do you have an inspiring story to share with me? Are you interested in getting your articles published with us? Are you a brand that loves advertising on cool websites? I would love to hear from you.

I do accept unpaid article contributions to my blog from website owners, other bloggers and even professional writers. Please informed that I will only accept articles/blog posts that suit my niche, that is, fashion, beauty & related niches. So, if you are looking for opportunities to grow your readership and build fresh links to your site, here is an opportunity to add to your to-do list. The number of articles you write in a month depend solely on you and I am here to help if necessary. I will also post the articles on our social media pages for further exposure. If you are up to the challenge, contact me at here.


Before submitting your article, please get familiar with the contents on the blog. See the rest of the criteria below:

Please make sure that your text is original, and has not been published elsewhere prior to your submission;

Please make sure that your text is original, and has not been published elsewhere prior to your submission;

  • I am only looking for blog posts that readers can associate with Nomad Street Wear. Furthermore, I am looking for articles and posts that are relevant to the categories mentioned on the site;
  • Please type your post in Word and save as a .doc file.
  • It should be written in a professional manner, but can express self-opinion or thoughts;
  • It should be consisted of short paragraphs, bullet points and sub-headers. Posts must be optimized with a relevant primary keyword and 2 to 3 secondary keywords.
  • Text should be between 500 and 1000 words;
  • My articles are eye-candy, so be sure to send more images, videos, infographics and/or quotations along with your text.
  • Please provide high-quality images for each paragraph (700 px or larger) corresponding to your text. If your article is on fashion or beauty trends, then you need to send 20-30 high-quality images so I can create a nice gallery visually showing the trend.
  • I reserve the right to insert links in your text to other posts, tags or categories seen on Nomad Street Wear.
  • You are allowed to add one backlink to your blog. I do not accept articles from freelancers that have included paid links (or I will treat them as sponsored posts hence demand payment). For sponsored content, contact me here.
  • Articles may be edited before published on my website, but we will get your final approval;

Benefits of contributing to Nomad Street Wear:

  • Spread your ideas
  • Brand yourself as a blogger
  • Get promoted on our social media sites
  • Increase your website traffic

Your post will be rejected if it:

  • Requires too many changes or edits
  • Contains irrelevant links or includes keyword stuffing
  • Is entirely self-promotional or of a commercial nature
  • Reads like a press release or blatant advertisement
  • Has too many typos and grammatical errors.
  • Is too generic
  • Is plagiarized content from another website or blog
  • Is about Men’s fashion, health or beauty. We accept only women’s (or neutral) articles!

Examples of Guest Post Topics:

  1. Fashion Hauls
  2. Shopping Guide
  3. Make up Reviews
  4. Health & Fitness
  5. Travel
  6. Celebrity Fashion
  7. Life Hacks
  8. Holiday/Seasonal Fashion Guides
  9. Sustainable Fashion
  10. Fashion Shows/Designers