Hey there! I am Candice Summers. I’m 24 years old and currently living in the beautiful city of New York. I’m a graduate of The New School here in NYC. I do all the writing for this blog called Nomad Street Wear.

I was born and raised in New London, Connecticut. I’m the only child in the family. When I was 15, I started my interest in fashion and beauty. At that time, my dad was a photographer for a lifestyle magazine in NYC and I was fascinated with how gorgeous the models look in what they wear and how they do their makeup. My mom used to manage a local clothing store targeting middle to upper class women. And she taught me what urban cool-chic, gender-neutral wardrobes should be like. I would say that fashion business really runs in the family.

I started blogging a few years ago when I was about to graduate off of college. This was during the time when I had my internship with a fashion designer based in Manhattan. I like her style but there’s something missing from what she’s doing and it lead me to express my observation to writing. Then the blog was birthed from which it is my improved version of what my former boss was creating.

Nomad Street Wear is like the Kim Kardashian and Olsen Sisters combined with a touch of New York’s fast-paced lifestyle. Nonetheless, the creative approach in embracing new fashion trend is there.

Fashion for me is like Earth’s atmosphere. It has cycles, changes from time to time, predictable, complicated and affects people’s way of life. That’s why I also made this blog to teach women of the simplicity side of fashion yet maintaining the elegance part of it.

With this blog, women will find fashion and beauty to be defined on who they are and what they are, not by what other people think they should.