2017 Outdoor Trends

New year, besides “new me” brings us new trends. Especially when it comes to outdoor designs. If you decided to make a fresh start this year and redecorate your entire home, you might as well start from the exterior. Here are some of the coolest 2017 outdoor trends you will have to try out.

Color block

Over the last few years, trends in clothing and interior / exterior design have really been all about minimalistic combos, and 2017 also promises to have that vibe. This basically means using blocks of color (usually white) to make a splash on your outfit or your living space. People are getting crazy over color blocked patio walls that are usually used to frame some sort of potted plants or specific areas. They can also look incredibly cool behind your outdoor sofa for example.

Go natural

In 2017 it is all about avoiding clear geometrics, artificial and vivid colors and focusing on the beauty of nature and nature materials. Basically, it’s now more about old fashioned, DIY-styled looks instead of clean and modern ones. You can put swing seats in your garden, as well as irregularly shaped small outdoor furniture, free form decks etc. Concentrate on that organic vibe and embrace it to the fullest.

Old vs. New

Of course, it looks really neat when all the pieces in your space are in one style, whether modern or traditional, but this is a somewhat outdated principle. It’s time for the era of improvisation and mixing styles. Even though this was unthinkable few years ago, now it is totally normal. For example, you can easily combine your old handmade table with a set of ultra-modern white seats. Or the opposite, your old seats will look super cool with a new modern table.

Play spaces

There is nothing more beautiful than coming out of your house and seeing your kids shooting hoops or playing soccer in the back yard. Of course, wonderful statues, fountains and plant sculptures are a lovely thing to see, but this is something that will cost you less money and time to make and maintain. You can make a dog space, dining area, bocce court, sandbox, pad for your trampoline, even a mini playground. As long as it’s active and encourages physical activity it’s a perfect detail.


If you have a big home and a small yard, but you still want it to look nice and to be filled with plants, dwarf shrubs are perfect for you. Not only they are super easy to maintain, but they also look really pretty. It is a two-foot plant that takes zero time and effort to look nice and appropriate.

Playful patterns on your furniture

It is time to throw away your boring furniture linen, run to the fabric store and get some bold patterned colorful linens that will refresh your furniture completely. Opt for strong, but natural colors and patterns like a white piece with blue four leaf clovers or something like that for the pillows and a nude shade for the seats.


One thing always is and always will be trendy and that is taking care of the environment. Especially now when you can control almost your entire house with your smartphone. Program your irrigation systems so you don’t have to waste water ever again in your life, plant trees wherever you can, start composting, make bird shelters etc.

Colorful gardens

The key is in planting as many colorful flowers, fruit trees, pollen flowers and vegetables as possible in one place to create a small kingdom of color in the corner of your yard. This is a huge trend even in urban neighborhoods.

This is just the beginning of all that is coming in this year. Be prepared and make sure you try some of these for your outdoor space.

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