15 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Makeup is an art and there’s always something new and cool to learn about it. Whether you’re just entering the fabulous world of makeup or think you know all the tricks, here are a few tips that can make your time in front of the mirror even sweeter. These tips work for most makeup styles, and some of them are good even for women who use little makeup or don’t put makeup on every day.

  1. Make your eyelashes bigger and smoother
    Next time you put on mascara, wiggle the brush in a gentle left-right motion. Do it carefully and you’ll be able to separate the lashes better and reduce those nasty clumps that sometimes remain behind.
  2. Warm up your pencil eyeliner
    When it’s warm, your pencil eyeliner is easier to apply and looks better. The simplest way to warm it up is to draw your eyeliner against the back of your hand a couple of times. You could also expose your eyeliner for a five to ten seconds to a heat source like a heater or a hair drier.
  3. Match your eyeliner to your eye color
    Choose an eyeliner color that complements that of your eyes. For example, purple eyeliner works great for green eyes, but for blue eyes a copper eyeliner will be better. Got brown eyes? Try a dark blue eyeliner.
  4. Apply mascara the right way
    Don’t apply mascara on the top lashes first. If you do, it can mess up your eyeshadow and force you to strain your eyes as you work your way around the lashes. Start with the lower lashes instead.
  5. Brighten up your eyes with white eyeliner
    It’s quick, it’s easy, and it has a great effect. All you have to do is put white eyeliner on your lower lash waterline. You may also want to give the inner corners of your eyes a little shimmer.
  6. Use a natural eye makeup remover
    Eye makeup removers aren’t all healthy for your skin. Besides, they aren’t always cheap. A simple natural alternative is to use olive oil – which you probably have about the house. It’s easy to apply and is good for the skin.
  7. Don’t start with your foundation
    If you put your foundation before you take care of your eye makeup, you’ll have a harder time erasing mistakes and wiping any shadows that make their way under your eyes.
  8. Make sure lipstick doesn’t get on your teeth
    Wait a few seconds after applying lipstick and then put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. When you pull the finger out, excess lipstick will stick to your finger and won’t go on your teeth.
  9. Cover up acne scars or blemishes
    To do this you’ll need a good concealer and some matte powder. Begin by putting on concealer on the affected area. Don’t make the layer too thick. Apply then the matte powder. Sometimes this is enough to cover lighter blemishes, but for even better results you want to apply another layer of concealer and then dust it with powder again.
  10. Follow the right makeup order
    Don’t do your eyes or lips first. Start instead by putting on cheek color. This makes it so much easier for you to tell whether the eyeliner and the lipstick go well with your cheeks.
  11. Make your lips look fuller
    All you need is a highlighter. Put some of it on your cupid’s bow and in the middle of your lower lip. Don’t put too much, though – a tad is enough. Your lips will look bigger.
  12. Brighten up your lipstick
    This works especially well with lighter colors. First apply lip balm, and then line and fill your lip with a nude lip liner. Apply then the lipstick.
  13. Fresher up your skin
    There’s a simple trick that you can use to make your face look fresher – use a primer, even if you don’t intend to put on makeup.
  14. Keep your makeup brushes clean
    Unclean or overused brushes are really bad for your skin. Clean them at least once or twice a week, preferably using a gentle soap that you’d use for cleaning your face.
  15. Use dark eyeshadow as an eyeliner alternative
    It’s easy to work with it and readily available. It’s also pretty cheap. Dark eyeshadow can add a subtle definition to your eyes and will cover the lash line well.

What about you? Do you have any makeup tips that you’d like to share? Tell us about it!

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